Functional Fitness and TRX

Functional Fitness and TRX® The gym has weights. We like lifting weights. They make us feel strong and look good. Let’s be honest, we even like watching ourselves in the mirror as we lift. We see gains that are there and even some that aren’t. However, the gym ultimately should be about improving our overall […]

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You’ve decided to make some changes and now you need to set some goals.  There’s a SMART way to do it and a … well … a not so smart way to do it.  I’ll keep this simple. SMART Goals are a proven way to help you reach your goals with a higher rate of […]

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Changes in 2016?

A new year means new opportunities, new challenges, new victories, new losses.  Will you be the person at the end of 2016 looking back regretting the loss of yet another year, or will you be the person looking back saying, “Wow, I killed it this year!”? Change is difficult because it goes against human nature. […]

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Facing Your Sanballat

I hate to admit it, but Taylor Swift is right, “Haters gonna hate, hate, hate.”  The strange thing is I don’t even know why they hate.  As we heard on Sunday (Facing Sanballat), even Nehemiah had his share of haters, and he even had the endorsement of the King! 4 Now when Sanballat heard that we […]

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Blogging Past Sunday: Community

Okay, last thought of the week here from Sunday’s sermon, Every Lasting Change, and this time it’s about community.  Every lasting change will require a healthy community of support and accountability.  When we look at the list of people involved in rebuilding the wall under Nehemiah’s leadership it’s clear that it took the whole people […]

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