Is there a Monster living in you?

Okay, here is a little more from Dr. Dongell’s message (the link is below).  He gives a list of 10 indicators that one may have a monster living within.  Here is my paraphrase of the list …

  1. A minor word of correction absolutely floors us.
  2. We constantly require delicate tip-toeing treatment from others and need exceptions from the rules all others are expected to follow.
  3. We have trouble imagining that ideas we ourselves have not generated are actually pretty good.
  4. We guage our worth by comparing ourselves to others and find that we are secretly relieved when others fail and sick when they succeed.
  5. We assume our motives are absolutely pure but ferociously dissect the motives of others with cynicism.
  6. We are obsessed with fairness and driven to right every wrong committed against us.
  7. We are satisfied when our love for others is recognized but hurt when our “sacrifices” are not publicly recognized.
  8. We demand forgiveness from others for our faults but grant forgiveness in tiny slivers with tips of poison.
  9. We advocate tirelessly for justice, right theology, faithful exegesis, etc. but leave a trail of broken relationships in our wake.
  10. When hearing a list like this we automatically think of all the people who need to hear this list without considering I might be that man or woman.

This list is intended for persons in ministry but I think it applies to all of us.  I know I was convicetd by some of these (especially #5).  So, is there a monster in your closet?


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