Day 2 … The Journey Continues (Revised)

Well we survived day one.  Yesterday was extremely hot (88 degrees in the house!) with temperatures rising into the high 90’s.  Fortunately we did not have to crank up the stove or the oven because a friend brought McDonalds.  Since it was so hot we decided to sleep downstairs (where it was 20 degrees cooler).  Everyone slept well and this morning was beautiful.

The weather has changed and we can have the windows open once again.  Today we get to travel to the Smog Check facilitiy and make sure our car isn’t putting out too much junk.  The kids miss their mommy but we’re having fun together.  Tonight we will go to jiu-jitsu and then head over to a school board meeting and probably end the day with some soup and a movie.

Maybe tomorrow morning we can all have pancakes compliments of Chef Boy-R-Wesley!


So day two was a little harder than day 1.  I think the kids were sad that mommy is gone and they decided to process it through anger, meanness, and mess-making.  We made it through the day though, even getting to jiu-jitsu and dropping things off for the board meeting.  Last night we had a heart-to-heart and everyone’s attitude changed.  We ended the day with a little flower (from Little Flowers of St. Francis) and all slept well through the night.  We couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Timmy and then I realized I would be grouchy too if I had 6 teeth coming in!  A little medicine and numz-it gel and all is well.

Crystal we love you and miss you and we hope you are having a wonderful time!


One thought on “Day 2 … The Journey Continues (Revised)

  1. George it sounds like fabulous fun – you are such a great Daddy! Our prayers are with you all. xoxoGrandmama

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