Day 3

We tried hitting chapel this morning and made it half way through.  Timmy took a good nap, the kids and I did some work, and then we had lunch.  My secretary prepared chicken-pot-pie which was a huge hit with the kids.  During naps I watched the second half of Click.  If you haven’t seen it and you are not offended by Adam Sandler’s raunchy humor then I suggest watching it.  After naps Zaccai whipped me at Shrek Smash ‘n Crash Racing on Play Station 2.  It’s not right that an 8 year old who can’t sit still when he plays can beat me.

We picked Hannah up from school, watched some Tank Abbot vs. Kimbo Slice, had a mexican fiesta from by bookeeper and then went and bought some worms for our lizards.  The kids fell apart at 7:00 and I quickly got them in bed at 7:30.  Tomorrow we will probably skip jiu-jitsu and just read stories together.

Some highlights: Timothy discovered the joy of biting today.  Wesley paraded around all day in shorts and cowboy boots, which is fashionably acceptable in So Cal.  Kaeli was able to clean her room today!  Hannah recited Psalm 121:1-4 for her speech meet today at school.  Zaccai found a t-shirt he wore when he was 2 and thought it would be great fun to put it on.  It got stuck on his head when he tried to get it off.

What a day!  I pray with St. Francis, “My God! My All!”

Kaeli is growing up so fast and she is such a big helper!


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