Day 4 … We’re Still Alive!

I think we’re getting into a rhythm now.  Timothy and I get up around 5:00-5:30 and snuggle for about 10 minutes before sauntering into the kitchen and we make breakfast.  This morning we had eggs with cheese and some buttermilk biscuits … mmm!  The rest of the kids start getting up around 6:00 and everyone has to be out of bed and at the table by 6:30.

After breakfast we do our helping jobs.  Zaccai feeds and waters the dogs.  Hannah wipes down the table and gets the floor ready to be swept.  Kaeli empties the little trash cans.  Wesley picks someone to help.  T-Man just makes messes.  Once helping is done our peeps get ready for the day and for school.

Before we head down we have some family devotion time, sing a song and close in prayer.  We take the girls to school and then come home and Zaccai does his school work, Wesley has creative play time (it’s creative because there are no older siblings telling him what to do), Timothy takes a nap and I read and study.

We have plenty of time to play Shrek Smash ‘n Crash, wrestle on the floor, maybe catch a movie, eat lunch, take naps, etc. etc. etc.  We try and make the most of every day.

After four days of being daddy, mommy, and pastor I have some new appreciation for people.  First, my wife is amazing!  I definitely need to come along side her more to help her have times of refreshing in the Lord because there is really no time for her to do that.  Second, God bless single moms and dads who do this all the time.  What a ministry opportunity for the people of God to come alongside these beloved people and bless them.  Third, for pastors who work full time and then pastor full time, especially if they have families.  Time is such a precious commodity.  No wonder the Lord tells us not to worry about tomorrow, today is so full!

Hannah is our aspiring artist and thespian.  This year her artwork won an award of excellence at the district wide art competition.  Yesterday she recited Psalm 121:1-4 for the school speech meet.  For as timid as she appears she really likes to ham things up on stage.


2 thoughts on “Day 4 … We’re Still Alive!

  1. Hey, guys. I am so proud of all of you! Thank you for working together and doing good obeying. George, I love you! You are such a brave man. Every day I can’t believe I’m here, I can’t believe you actually let me go. I definitely am getting rested up and getting rid of my cold and getting a little sunshine. Yesterday we toured Guanajuanto the capital city of the State of Mexico that we are in. It is a very old mining town with super colorful buildings. If you remember the painting of houses in Michelle & Robert’s house this is it. Today we are having cooking lessons, we will make green cheese enchiladas, red rice and nopales – cactus. I miss each of you very much and pray for you often. You are doing a great job and your rhythm sounds just perfect. When do you do laundry and dishes – I’ve always wondered where I could be more effecient in my day and tasks and make more time for fun. I’m interested to hear what systems you come up with. How are Gina’s ears? I think they are hot spots not really bug ears. Okay, too many frijoles are getting to me so I gotta GO! XOXOXOXoC

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