Days 5 and 6

So we tried going to chapel again on Friday.  We had a whole lot more success this time.  Hannah’s class shared some verses and some songs during chapel and then I was able to bless a family who is returning to China in two weeks to continue Bible translation work.  What an awesome privilege it is to bless people who are about the Lord’s business.

After chapel we did some work in the office and then came home and the little guys took naps while Zaccai and I shook it up on Shrek Smash ‘n Crash.  Zaccai is getting really good … a little too good!  The rest of the day was pretty ordinary with a few hospital visits squeezed in.  One of our former members had surgery on a bowel obstruction and another member fell and broke her hip.

Our children’s pastor brought us some Pho Hong Cali for dinner.  You don’t know what Pho Hong is?  Well, let me tell you … it’s the best Vietnamese food you’ll ever have … at least in Escondido.  After dinner I broke down and busted out a new video, Ratatouillie!  We finished the evening with a huge slumber party.

Saturday morning we woke up and had pancakes (if you don’t use baking powder they are really thin pancakes), sausages, fresh fruit, eggs, orange juice, and a nice hot cup of coffee.  Hmmm!  After breakfast we messed around for a little while, did some cleaning, and then a bug got me.  I pulled everything out of Kaeli’s room and went to work.  Her room now looks amazing but the rest of the house needs some attention.  (Don’t worry Crystal, I didn’t get rid of anything … yet.)

We headed to Costco because we were out of toilet paper and needed to renew our membership.  After lunch we had some pastoral visits and then headed over to the Kellar’s for dinner – hamburgers and hotdogs!  We finished the evening with a little flower (have I mentioned how much I like The Little Flowers of St. Francis?).

The kids miss mommy and they are ready to have her back.  Crystal has some stomach thing and so we are praying for healing.  Get well mommy and we love you so much!

Zaccai is a super cool guy.  He has such a soft heart and sweet spirit.  But don’t let him fool you.  Last night I nearly passed out from a choke hold he applied to me called Mata Leon, which means kill the lion.


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