Day 7 … All God’s Children Rested

Well, not exactly.  We did worship though with the people of God.  This morning everyone had a bath and we all went down and unlocked the sanctuary and buildings.  At around 8:45 we headed down for Learning Community (Sunday School to most people).  The kids played and I led a continued discussion on Matthew 6.  I’m not sure we American Christians have taken Jesus seriously about our money yet.

(The kids are getting plenty of water!)

After gathered worship the kids played while I sought reconciliation in a couple of relationships.  It was a sweet afternoon.  When we arrived at home we had lunch and everyone laid down for naps.  I threw a few logs on the fire and continued reading a book Pastor John Clark from Wenatchee had recommended called Organic Church.  The book is eye opening and exposes our need to reinterpret church since we have strayed so far from the biblical understanding of this term.  It excites me and frustrates me at the same time.  I am excited about the theology of the book but am frustrated because I cannot see how its implementation is possibly within a denomination, even one as great as the Free Methodist Church.

After naps Zaccai and I played some matching and rummy and then Hannah joined us for a round of Go Fish.  We had dinner with our friends the Langdocs at Roundtable Pizza (someone gave us gift certificates).  We finsihed the day with a Story Keeper and then a little flower.  I should probably mention how much I like The Little Flowers of St. Francis.

After I put he kids to bed I did some laundry, some dishes, some cleaning, and then Bryan came over.  We were going to watch some manly movie but then decided to watch a 1-1/2 hour dialogue between Dr. Richard B. Hays (United Methodist professor at Duke Divinity School) and Dr. N.T. Wright, Bishop of Durham (Anglican Church) on Wright’s book Simply Christian.  If you’ve never heard of Wright then you’re missing out.  I recommend you go to the bookstore right  now, no really, right now, and buy this book.  Amazing.

So, today was full of joy and peace and as I get ready to hop in bed I find myself thanking God for a beautiful family and an undescribable wife who is so gifted, competent, and called to care for this family that I can;t even describe her.  Thank you Crystal.  We love you and miss you.  Come home soon!  Your little chicks are lost without you.


One thought on “Day 7 … All God’s Children Rested

  1. Hi Baby! I am so proud of you! You are doing amazing! I’m glad the Langdoc’s had time to hang out a bit. You sound very peaceful. I am thankful you are all doing so well. I am so excited to see you soon. Tomorrow we leave for Texas. Then before you know it we’ll all be together. Thank you for letting me go and help Kelly. Last night was very hard for her, she fell apart after seeing a video with pictures of Brian and Brooke together. The rehearsal dinner was very nice I hear but she came home sobbing and we were all very frightened. I have been able to help with Wilder a lot and Kelly got to go horseback riding for 4 or 5 hours yesterday. I enjoyed a popsicle – paletas- in the main town square and got to visit with some local folks. Wilder ate most of my popsicle but thats okay. I went with a friend of Brooke and we had a great time getting to take in the sites. We stopped in to mass and it was beautiful. We didn’t stay long but I was able to follow along with the flow of the service. We do do a lot things similar – all the reading and responses. It is beautiful and I so badly wanted to go. No one went formally from our group but I was refreshed just being with the congregation as we all worshipped God together – even for a short time. I bought some doilies from a lady in the squarte. I asked her how many hours it took to make one and she said all day. THen I asked the price of the doilie and she said $3.50 american dollars. Amazing! I bought two and the gal I was with spent $55 bucks so I can imagine how helpful that was for this hardworking mama. We also got to visit with a lady who was selling dolls with her children. They were indian and dressed differently than the city folk. Her kids were about 5 and 6 and they just loved Wilder. I was thankful to know enough Spanish to talk to people and answer questions about the baby. Its fun to be able to small talk and not feel so much like a stranger but a visitor. I’ve had a lot of fun getting to know the two gals that work here. I spend most of my time in the huge house. The evenings are a little too quiet with just me and the baby here. I’ve been going to bed early to avoid boredom or worrying about the baby waking up or getting scared. So.. I’m well rested! And thats a good thing because I know you’ll need a break. I love you and pray for you alot! xoxoxoxC

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