Day 8 … Happy Memorial Day

Well, only 5 more days until Crytsal returns!  There was no school today so we spent most of the day just hanging out at home.  We finished Kalei’s room, started on Hannah’s room and put up a new library with all the books that were flowing ot of Kaeli’s, Zaccai’s and Wesley’s room.  I think the new system will work well.

The highlight of the morning was blowing up one of those huge exercise balls.  It took us forever with everyone’s help.  After we got it blown up we would take turns seeing who could sit on it the longest without falling off or letting any part of your body touch teh ground.  What a fun toy!  We might use it for exercise some day.

While the kids took naps I worked on the first sermon in our summer series, “Now Serving Minors!  The Voice of the Minor Prophets.”  Malachi will be the first book we address and instead of a typical sermon we will be hearing and answering the questions that Malachi raises in his book.  We’ll see how it goes.

This afternoon we headed to the Nielsen’s for April’s birthday party/memorial day barbeque.  Everyone had a great time.  My favorite thing was horse shoes, although April kept throwing her horse shoes at me instead of the metal stake in the ground.  I was beginning to wonder if she had been hired by someone to take me out.

The kids are doing well.  Today was the first day that Timmy walked around the house saying, “momma, momma, momma.”  He was extra clingy today.  Everyone is ready for mommy to come home.  It’s just a whole lot more fun when she is here with us!

“Sit.  Good boy Diego.” 

Wesley absolutely loves giving Diego dog treats.  Now that Wesley can speak English, Diego can actually understand and obey.  Wesley will just sit next to Diego and pet him for a whole hour if tehre is nothing else going on.  He really loves his dogs.


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