Day 9 … Almost There!

Well, Crystal is back in the US and chillin with her sister.  Today the kids and I had some meetings, did some cleaning (got through Hannah’s room!), and had some fun wrestling with each other.  We had Subway for dinner (thanks Ann).

Aunt Maureen and cousin Clare came over tonight to watch the kids while daddy and Uncle Bryan went and played some Texas Hold’em.  Before you get too worried about my gambling habits let me explain what’s up.  Lot’s of people love to play Texas Hold’em.  Lot’s of people love to help with important causes – like ending poverty or caring for the environment.  Not everyone likes to go to church and put their money in the offering plate.  So, once a moth we have Poker with a Cause.  Everyone pays $5 and the winner gets to choose where the money goes – reforestation project in Ethiopia, International Child Care Ministries, PWAC (Punk with a Conscience), or any other missions area that our local congregation sponsors.  You can give as much as you like but since no one is taking any money home we alleviate the need to gamble.  Pretty swett if you ask me.

One more thought on the children.  They have been running around the house singing, “The Minor Prophets are Gonna Blow Your Mind!” and “Yo Bryan today I’ve got the dopest word; the prophets are screaming and they will be heard!”  Perhaps this video will explain …

Our summer sermon series is “Now Serving Minors!  A Journey through the Minor Prophets”


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