Day 10 … Then I Heard Your Voice

Well, today was exciting because we actually got to talk with Crystal!  The morning started well and after dropping Hannah off at school the rest of us went over to chapel.  The 4th-8th grade campus is sad.  One of our 4th graders, Daniel Nelson, was hit by a car over the weekend and is now in critical condition.  He was in a coma and slumped into an even deeper coma.  The extent of the damage to his brain is uncertain bt it is so extensive that the doctors have not yet even addressed his two broken legs, broken arm and crushed pelvis.  Please pray for this young boy and his family.

After chapel our day was full of the usual – housework, homework, ministry, toys, and wrestling, lots and lots of wrestling.  We are all very ready for Crystal to return.  Come on baby!

Some pictures froma recent trip to In-N-Out Burger, a fine SoCal establishment!


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