It’s a ……

The big moment is here.  It has been determined that this new King baby is a GIRL!!!   I thought I saw big boy parts during our ultrasound and the Dr. told me that we should be glad that was the umbilical chord. “Too Big!” he said.  There is always the possibility  that we didn’t get the full picture and the doctor said we would check again before D-day.  We are perfectly on target for our due date of Oct. 6th  rounding out 22 weeks right now.   The girls cheered and the boys sighed and George said “I knew it!  I’m 6 for 6!”  And I always wish I could have both so my ultrasounds are always melancholy.  I let the news set a bit and George and I said we both liked the name Gloria.  He said what better way to finish off our childbearing than with “Gloria!” I like the name LeeAnne as a middle name.  It honors our grandmothers and means field of grace.  So her name would mean Glory in Fields of Grace if we named her Gloria LeeAnne King.  The Jars of Clay song, “Love Song for a Savior” came to mind as I thought a bit about that name.  In open fields of wild flowers…a little girl sat thanking God for all he had made.  It reminded me of my happy place.  When I was afraid at night as a child I would imagine that Jesus and I were picking flowers in a field of purple fowers all around. I would melt peacefully to sleep.  Thats the same picture I get when I think of Gloria LeeAnne and I want her to revel  and rest in that same field of Grace. So its not permanent but that’s what we’re thinking.  We just wanted to share our joyous news.


2 thoughts on “It’s a ……

  1. Congratulations!!! Gloria is a perfect name, if you decide to go with it. Gloria King -simply beautiful. I love how Gloria LeeAnne is full of meaning and feeling for you, Crystal, and thank you for sharing the images it evokes, plus that wonderful, safe and comforting feeling you associate with it. Beautiful, just beautiful.

    Aunt Jo

  2. Congrats on the new baby girl. And the name you have picked so far is beautiful.
    I got a laugh at the “too big for a boy” comment.

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