May I have S’More, Sir?


We had a lively 2 days  at Palomar Mountain at a retreat center there.  It was so quite – except for us!  The air was clean, the birds were beautiful, the trees stood tall and reassuring.  Too many stars to imagine emerged in the evenings, seeming to be drawn out by the lulling tune of the crickets.  Deer were spotted in the mornings nibbling on dewy grass around the cabin and we had so much fun following their tracks around the campground.

We filled our time with games like kick the can, hide and go seek, mother may I, and shark tag. Monopoly during nap time was riveting and full of surprises.  We slept a lot which was probably most needed.  And beginning the last book in the Chronicles of Narnia was monumental.  “One more, one more chapter” was the chant heard as George looked up from the page.  So we read until little bodies lay limp with slumber all around us.

George led the bigger campers on a hike and half way through Hannah collapsed on the forest floor.  “I can’t make it.  I’m going to die here.  I didn’t even get  my last meal!”  she moaned.  George laughed all the way home.  “That’s my Bean.  Thinking about the next meal!”  Well, she made it home for hot dogs.

We ate, of course, too many smores but I got wise this time and brought a jug of milk to wash them down.  The campground has a cafeteria that we enjoyed effortless breakfasts and lunches at.  We all enjoyed the change of pace and like any adventure we were glad to return home.


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