So Beautiful!

Timothy is a beach boy!  He loves playing in the sand, but not so much in the ocean water.  He actually likes to bury his face in the sand, which I think is really strange, but he loves it.

He also loves to play the guitar.  Turn some music on and it won’t be too long before he is standing on the fire mantle singing and strumming along.  (He needs some new strings though.)

Wesley is becoming more and more boyish everyday.  My favorite Wesley saying lately is, “Will I ever see you again?”  He asks me this everytime I head for work.  When I respond, “Yes,” he usually yells back, “Okay, thank you!”  Pretty funny guy.

Kalei is still the life of the party.  Always clowning around and winning the hearts of everyone.  She recently joined Ms. Rena’s preschool class and everyone wants to sit next to Kaeli and everyone wants to play with Kaeli.  She is a true jewel.

Hannah is growing up so fast!  She is loving home school, still beating the boys up at jiu-jitsu, and becoming a lovely young lady.  Recently we went hiking and when she thought we were lost and never going to make it back she said, “We’re gonna die out here … and I didn’t even get my last meal.”

Zaccai is into all things creaturely.  You can find him outside everyday discovering new bugs, creatures, birds, and all kinds of other things.  He loves knowing what things are, how they function, and (unfortunately) how they reproduce.

These are my children.  They are so amazing and I’m not sure I can even express how much I love them.


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