Bye, Bye Mickey

Well, yesterady was our last day at Disney Land for a while.  We got passes last year and we have been able to visit Disney Land and California Adventures about 20 times this year.  Of course, we had to ride Pirates of the Carribean twice!  Everyone got to visit their favorite rides and we watched the parade one last time. 

The highlight of the trip was watching Timothy go crazy in the Tiki room.  I’ve never seen anyone enjoy the Tiki room like he did!  Timothy also scored 164,000 points at the Buzz Light Year ride earning him L-4, Space Scout.  (The next highest score in the family was 26,400.)

Wesley really enjoyed the Billy Hill and the Hillbillies Show.  I didn’t know he was so country at heart.

Kaeli’s favorite ride was Winnie the Pooh and she got to go on it twice!

Hannah enjoyed Splash Mountain for two reasons.  First, she absolutely loves the thrill of a 50ft waterfall.  Second, she thought it was hilarious that I had to pour water out of my shoe.

Zaccai’s favorite ride was the Pirate ride … who doesn’t love that ride?!!

Mom and Dad really enjoyed watching the kids have fun … and the Pirate ride!

So long Mickey.  Maybe we’ll come and visit you again!


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