Broken Hearts Blind Eyes

Tonight I was greeted in my drive way by a lady who had a very broken heart.  Someone she loved deeply was hurting and she believes that I am the one who is responsible for her hurting.  The truth, as best I can perceive it, is that I am merely the one who pointed out a deeper condition of this loved one’s soul than anyone wanted to admit.  The lady in my driveway said some really hurtful things but as I listened I realized how hard it must be for those with broken hearts to see the truth.  My natural instinct of thinking of all the things I could have said to justify myself and my decisions were transformed into prayers for this person and her family.

I wonder how many of the people we meet are unable to see Jesus because of their deep brokeness.  Then I wonder, how can we show them the truth so that the truth can set them free?


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