How Do We Find the Bottom?

I’ve been teaching a class on Matthew’ gospel on Sunday mornings for the last 20-some weeks.  It is impossible to escape what I think others have called “The Great Reversal.”  The rich become poor while the poor become rich; the greatest become the least while the least become the greatest; the ruler becomes the servant while the servant becomes the ruler; the first becomes last while the last becomes first.  How do I live in such a way that when this takes place in its entirety I do not find myself on the wrong end?  How do I invite others to live in this same way?

What makes it really hard is that I tend to already view myself as someone on the wrong end of things.  The truth is: I am wealthy; I have much and a position that affords me some level of authority; I am among the first, in the many forms that being first takes.  The truth is, if you are reading this then so are you.

So what are we going to do about this?


One thought on “How Do We Find the Bottom?

  1. George –

    What if the issue here is not so much whether you view yourself as “on the wrong end” but rather if your heart is in the right place? If it is true that man looks at the outward but the Lord looks at the heart, then we can’t look at those around us to judge what end of the spectrum we’re leaning towards.

    You mentioned money, so to use that as an example: perhaps the rich will become poor, but wouldn’t you rather concern yourself with not falling into the love of money rather than worrying about the social status your money gives you? The rich young ruler’s downfall was his attachment to wealth, not the wealth itself.

    Again, I think it’s all about heart posture. Just food for thought.

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