Any Time!!

Any time now the Dr. said.  I am so excited! She said I probably wouldn’t make it for my appointment next week and that if I did we would talk about inducing.  She stripped membranes and said to go home and take some castor oil.  Oooh!  I did that last week when my contractions were getting hard and close together.  I think I might wait for nature to take its own course.  There’s nothing like terrible diarrhea that you know you gave to yourself! 

We are planning a picnic lunch at a park the kids have been begging to go back to.  Hopefully I will stay active today and maybe – just maybe – we’ll have a baby tonight.  I am encouraged nonetheless.  She said I would have the baby before next year but more specifically sometime during this week, she predicted. 

I grabbed a haircut after my appointment since it was way past time and I may not be able to get out and about soon.  So now I feel fresh; crampy, contracty, low back painy but fresh.  I shouldn’t get my hopes up – this could just be post exam discomfort but oh it is exciting.

I’m also 3 cm dialated now and the baby has moved down some.  She said my cervix is ripe and when contractions start she’s sure the baby will drop down into place.  Wow, it is so exciting.  Time to do a little more baby prep and then keep waiting.

Until next time – keep praying!


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