Curse the Marker!

On Sunday mornings we have Discipleship Classes.  These classes are designed for all ages – 0 through 120.  There are classes for the kids, but we also invite the children to join the adult classes.  I am teaching a class on the Gospel of Matthew.

On Sunday we were reading through Matthew 21 and asking, Why would Jesus curse a fig tree?  I believe this event was an enacted parable for the disciples to help them understand the turning of the money tables.

Jesus goes to the Temple –> He expects the fruit of worship –> finds no fruit –> turns tables

Jesus goes to the Fig Tree –> He expects figgy fruit –> finds no fruit –> curses the tree

In both cases neither the Temple nor the Tree were producing what they were supposed to produce.  As I was trying to write the main point out on the white board the marker stopped working and immediately one of the children yelled out, “Curse the marker; It’s not doing what it’s supposed to!”

I love having children present in worship and teaching.


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