Aravis Is Getting Settled In

Yesterday, hannah and Zaccai went with Daddy to pick up mommy and Aravis.  We couldn’t bring her home naked so we decided to get her dressed.

Once we got her dressed we had to put her in her carseat.  She looks really, really small in that big chair.

She enjoyed her first ride home in the XLFAMLY van.  We only have five seats left in this 15 passenger beast!

Wesley sure likes his new sister.  I think Aravis really likes Wesley too!

Timothy loves baby “Arvis.” He also likes to call her, “LaLa,” and “Eyes, Eyes, Eyes,” and “Mine, Mine, Mine.”

Zaccai is pretty pleased with her too.  As we were thinking of names Zaccai heard the name Ahava and said, “No, not Ahava.  How about Aravis?”  We didn;t think much about it until after we spent some time looking at her and it just hit us, “Yes, Aravis is just right.”  Thanks Zaccai.

Hannah is in seventh heaven.  She absolutely adores her sister.

Kaeli is pretty pleased as well with her new sister.  She especially likes her middle name, Katriel.


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