Anniversary #11



George and I were able to sneak away overnight to a nearby town.  Thanks to all the dear folks who watched our kids for us.  We had a wonderful time.  We still really  like eachother and its so great to be able to say that!


We stayed in the cutest log cabin – with electricity and an adorable little fire-like heater.


There were deer walking through the campgrounds and a bunch of wild turkeys.  Innumerable stars filled the sky in the evening and the sound of crickets serenaded us while we roasted our smores.


Aravis did tag along and enjoyed herself very much… except for the blow up matress.   You see, there are bed frames, strong and sturdy in the cabin.  But its bring your own matress and ours happened to have a hole we didn’t know about until we layed down to sleep.  We got up every two hours to pump up the bed and Arvis hated laying on the flat bed when it would deflate.   Funny!


We are so thankful to God for his abundant provision of grace in our marriage. 



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