Change Elevation or Direction

This weekend I attended an all day judo seminar in order to obtain my coach’s certificate.  I was reminded of a piece of advice I had received from my highschool  wrestling coach and only today did I understand its importance for my spiritual life.  The advice is simply this, “When you get stuck change elevation or direction.”

In wrestling, jiu-jitsu or judo, for example, you may find yourself attempting a throw, sweep, or what-have-you and discover that your opponent stops your move.  Instead of giving up and starting over you simply change your elevation (get lower or higher, but usually lower) or your direction (switch from a forward throw to a rear throw).  This change in elevtaion and/or direction usually solves all your problems.  Of course you have to practice it often enough.

This morning the thought came to me as I was reading from a devtional, Jesus Calling, that this same piece of advice is probably useful in my everyday life.  As I go throughout my day and I get “stopped” or “stuck” I need to change elevation (down on my knees in prayer) and/or direction (respond to whatever the Holy Spirit says).  Maybe with quite a bit of practice changing elevation and direction will come as naturally for me throughout the day as it does on the mat.


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