California Campout


Our December California Campout began with a fabulous meal at Santa Ysabel Casino and Resort.  For all 10 of us to eat (with way more food than we could actually finish) it was only $35!  Breakfast Burritos, Country Fried Steak and Eggs, and so much more … yumm!  We also enjoyed learning about the indigenous people through the photos and artwork along the walls.


After brunch we headed for Julian and discovered that we had left our coffee pot behind.  So, needing something to cook water in we headed to historic downtown Julian and found an inexpensive pot that we didn’t mind throwing in the fire.  We headed for the camp grounds and after settling in we had the fire going and everyone was happy!


That night we did the usual – fire, hot dogs, smores, and hot chocolate!  The next morning we all got up and went for a hike.  The hike was pretty short though because of some wild life.



As we were hiking along we discovered something … a hornets’ nest!  Just under the bridge in the picture above (behind Crystal) there were hundreds, no thousands … millions of hornets and when Crystal and most of the kids crossed they came up in a cloud like black and yellow smoke and began attacking.  Crystal ran down the trail with Aravis, Zaccai, Hannah, and Kaeli.  I ran back up the trail with Timothy, Welsey and Patrick.  We later discovered that the bees only chased us.  Wesley’s jacket was covered in them and as I was swatting them he would yell, “Stop hitting me!”  My response back was, “You have a bee on you!”  “Get it off!”, he yelled.  I don’t know if Timothy had any bees on him but I was swatting at him with my other hand just in case.  He was on my back in a backpack so I couldn’t really see what was going on.  All along I am getting stung and bit several times.

When I had the boys safe I went back for the women folk (and Zaccai … who stayed with them to protect them).  All I heard was Kaeli screaming and I thought they were still under attack.  Kaeli was stung twice the day before (by the same hornets we discovered) and she was just screaming because she was scared.  I yelled at them to come down and walk around the bridge but they said, “No, there are still bees there.”  As I was trying to reasure them that there were no more bees one flew down my pants and stung me and I let a loud “Ouch!” out.  Finally, I convinced them to come down and we made to our cabin safely.  At one point we saw a hornet fly out of someone’s jacket and we all took our shirts off, threw them on the ground and I jumped up and down on them while the kids yelled, “Get it daddy!  Get it!”  I dare say we shall never forget that hike.

The rest of the trip was uneventful and overall it was a wonderful experience.  We just love California Campouts!


One thought on “California Campout

  1. Wild life……

    Hundreds, no thousands … millions of hornets ~ OH MY!

    Yikes – What an unforgetable hike.
    George, it sounds like you saved the day and were given the appropriate warrior chant, “Get it Daddy! Get it!”

    Hip Hip Hooray Daddy saved the day!

    This is a tale that will be told and retold around the King’s table for generations to come.

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