Happy Bleh-rthday!


Today Timmy is sick.  On his 2nd birthday we planned to do some errands and birthday shopping.  We made it to all of our stops and he got to pick out a present at Toys R Us.  At our lunch destination and pantry restocking stop – Costco – he urped all over the front of me.  We decided to go home and everyone took naps.  It’s already got Hannah down too, so hopefully it will quickly work its way through the house and we’ll be better in no time.  Needless to say we are holding off on the cake till Tim is ready to  enjoy it, we’ll probably wait to do presents too.


2 thoughts on “Happy Bleh-rthday!

  1. Speedy Recovery to all.

    No fun being sick for your Birthday, Timmy.

    We love you!
    Grandmama, Grandpa Mark,
    Shannon, Peter, Aaron, Derek and Leandra

  2. Oh, Poor Timmy! How terrible to be sick on your birthday -especially when it’s only your 2nd one. We wish you, Timmy, a fast recovery and a happy celebration when you feel better!

    Aunt Jo and Wiley (and Uncle Bebo)

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