Growing like a…King baby


Our babies grow fast.  Usually in the 98th percentile during the first 8 months or so and Aravis is no exception.  She  is playing with toys now and cooing and gooing.  Her smiles are now reserved for after her naps and feedings but Daddy can still coax one out of her anytime of day or night.


She was all tuckered out after getting her pictures taken at the mall.



2 thoughts on “Growing like a…King baby

  1. SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!! I always said I wanted to order my babies from you; you guys make ’em good! We lucked out on our first one, we’ll see with #2 whenever he/she comes along. But Aravis is such a beauty! In one photo she looks exactly like a baby Hannah, in another I totally see Kaeli. You have such lovely, lovely babies -big and small, the kids are fabulous and SO ARE YOU.

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