Oh, Wesley

Wesley is going through one of those defining stages. He’s exerting his opinion and showing lots of personality. I hope he’s showing someone else’s personality because some of it is too funny.

The other day he was asked to do something that he really didn’t wish to. I tried to persuade him and in the end had to give an ultimatum.  At that he pointed his little finger at me, planted all 28 pounds firmly on his size 8 feet threating with furrowed brows, “Don’t mouth-off to me Mommy!”

This is funny because we never say it. Where he heard it I cannot know. If anyone would like to confess you may leave a comment and be pardoned! In the meantime thanks for the laugh!nanny-visit-004


One thought on “Oh, Wesley

  1. Me!??!
    Not ME!
    It’s not me!……………from wife in Multiplicity.

    Oh boy, oh boy, That’s my boy, Wesley. You’ve just got to smile. Love you all, Grandmama

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