A Bible for Everyone …

So today one of my friends picked up my “Green Bible” and laughed.  We started talking about various options out there for the American-Christian-Consumer.  Here is a list of bibles we think should be available.

Automechanics Bible … Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu Bible … Capitalist’s Bible … Desktops-not-Laptops Bible … The Economists Bible (actually, this would be an interesting bible that could highlight everything the bible has to say about money and its impact and influence on people and creation) … The Feng Shui Bible (helps you reorder your life for maximum flow of grace!) … The Grief Bible … The Hero’s Bible (you get to define hero) … The International Foods Bible (takes a look at what Abraham might have eaten in Ur) … Jews for Jesus Bible … The Kings and Knaves Bible … The Lost, Lonely and Longing Bible … The Menopause Bible (to help with all the changes taking place) … The Near-Sited Bible (for near-sited people of course!) … The Organ Donor’s Bible … The Pipes and Pints Bible … The Quiche Bible (yes, real men can read this bible) … The Rugby Bible … The Sign Language Bible … The Traumatic Events Bible … The Universal Bible (I have no idea what this would be but I couldn’t think of anything else for U) … The Viscious Moment’s Bible (this one sounds fun to me and would feature all of your favorite Precious Moments characters … in battle! and the verses pertaining to battle, war, death, etc. could be highlighted in red) … The Western Bible … I’m lost for an appropriate X Bible … The Yodeler’s Bible … and finally … The Zealous Zionists Bible.

Perhaps one of these ideas will lead somewhere.  Actually, I really might attempt a comprehensive study of biblical economics.  So why do we need all of these Bibles?  Fellowship seems to be the only plausible answer but I imagine it has something more to do with finding our own niche and being unique individuals.  If you visit a Christian bookstore you can probably find 100 different specialty bibles.  Some of my favorite are the Social Justice and Poverty Bible, the Green Bible, and the Hunter’s Bible (really, a hunter’s bible?).

What are your favorite specialty bibles?


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