X Guard and Comfort Zones

We all have comfort zones.  Some of us are brave enough to venture out into new territory sometimes but sooner or later we all come back to what we know works.  For example, I love sushi and whenever I go to Sushi Nori I usually order the Rainbow Roll.  Why?  Because I like it!  I’ve tried a few other rolls, but I know I like … err, scratch that … love the Rainbow Roll so why try anything else?  We’re probably like this in most areas of our lives.  I know I am in jiu-jitsu.

My comfort zone is the spider guard.  I love this position and I do really well from there.  I have lots of options for sweeps and submissions.  I will probably move into this position 98% of the time I roll.


Lately though, I’ve been working on the X Guard.  It’s pretty easy to get into and and there are lots of options once you get there.  I’ve been working on transitioning from the spider guard to the x guard and back.  I work for the spider guard about 60% of the time, the x gaurd about 35% of the time and the other 5% of the time I’m just trying not to get choked!  Making the change has made jiu-jitsu more enjoyable as well as making me a more dangerous fighter.

 I wonder what areas of our lives we need to make similar changes in.  Where are we stuck doing the same thing?  Where do we need to venture out and try something new?  Think about it.


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