5 months and counting

Aravis is 5 months now and we are amazed at how fast time is ticking by.  She is 16 lbs 11 oz and so much fun.  She can roll both ways now and is a marked early bird.  She is a squealer unlike any of our other kids.  I guess she is determined to be heard.  It starts out as a supersonic high pitched squeal, we are unable to hear it at first then she drops it down an octive and we can pick it up with our larger human ears. I haven’t seen the dogs cringing when she starts out so maybe she’s not hitting notes we can’t hear but I think its so funny how she starts way up high and then slides down as she’s squealing, like those vocal exercises you do to warm up your voice.


Of late, she’s been waking up at 3ish and staying up till 6 or so.  I stayed up with her a couple nights but when I saw it was a trend I pulled the bassinet out of our room and into the living room so she could squeal at the art on the wall instead of at us.  I’m cutting out my one cup of caffiene and will see if that helps.



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