Totally two


Timothy has been testing all limits as of late.  I guess he’s doing exactly what a guy his age should do.  He’s learning that we are pretty for real when we say no and that he needs to obey when we ask him to do something.  It means I am getting very little done other than putting him back on his bed or a swat on the bottom.  He has an iron rumpkiss so spankings are not the ticket but we’ll figure out what will work soon.  He’s bent on refining the system!  I think God designed two year olds to be testy and terribly cute at the same time so we would continue to take good care of these fiesty toddlers.     I know from experience that this phase is passing so for now I am hanging on for the ride.



2 thoughts on “Totally two

  1. You’re doin’ great, Crystal -I can only imagine juggling so many wee ones, all at various stages of learning themselves and the world around them. Your babies are SO beautiful.

    I love you! I’ll have a cup of tea today in honor of my sweet sister.

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