This Week …

Well, this week has been very interesting … and full.  I went to man camp over the weekend with 22 guys from our church.  The whole weekend I sat in pain.  Monday morning came around and I was still in pain so I went to see the doctor.  The doctor said I either have a femoral hernia (which means that my intestines are trying to run down my leg) or I have an abdominal strain/tear.  Wait and see he said.

That was Monday.  On Tuesday I reported for jury duty and made it to the next round of a 31 day trial scheduled to end on April 23rd.  I go back next Tuesday for final selection so we’ll see if I make it.  I’d like to be on a jury for a trial I’m just not sure I want it to be a 31 day trial during the busiest season of the Christian calendar.

That was Tuesday.  Wednesday actually went pretty well.  I learned a new judo kata (hernia and all) and went to a show with my wife, Highland Way.  The first Wednesday of each month the arts center puts on a free show.  This was a Scottish/Irish group.  Not too bad.

Thursday I drove 102 miles to Azusa and sat through Equipping Day.  Equipping Day is a day when all the pastors in our conference gather to hear our superintendent’s heart and to be equipped for ministry.  I don’t usually feel equipped when I leave, but I do like to hear what God is doing in Steve’s heart.  After driving 102 miles back to Escondido I went to youth group to talk to a group of Jr. High boys about forgiveness.  My heart was broken when one of them told me that he thought his parents hated him and when he shared that with him they just got upset.  What really got me was when he said, “They still never said they love me.”  The night ended with some mango-passion Stash tea which sent me into anaphylactic shock closing off my air passages, causing my eyes and lips to swell, and my body to itch.  I’m not sure if I went to sleep or passed out!

That was Thursday.

In all of this though I am encouraged because Psalm 22 tells me,

For God did not despise or abhor the affliction of the afflicted; he did not hide his face from me, but heard when I cried to him.


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