It's a New Week

Well, I went back yesterday for Jury Duty.  Fortunately (or unfortunately, I haven’t decided) I wasn’t selected for the long trial.  After sitting in the juror lounge for an hour and a half the judge came down and thanked us for cooperating and filling out the 21 page questionaire and that they had selected their jury.  I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been selected anyway.  The case was a difficult one.  The defendent is being charged for crimes committed three years ago.  He is being accused of robbing his in-laws and then six days later torturing and murdering his mother-in-law and his sister-in-law.  He has plead not guilty and claims that at that time he was legally insane.  It doesn’t sound like an easy case for the jurors who have to listen to testimony, view evidence (which includes graphic photos), and then make the final decision.  Lord bless them.

As for my hernia/torn muscle/ ??? … I feel pretty good.  I’m not sure if I’m healed, if it was just a stomach virus, or if there is still a hernia with everything just resting in place now.  Only time will tell.  as for the allergic reaction to the tea I am fully recovered, except for losing sight in my right eye … just kidding.  One thing is for sure, I’ll never drink that again … or will I try it one more time just to see if that really was what bothered me?


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