It Has Begun!

For almost two years now I have been wanting to get rid of everything I own and live simply.  However, I like what I own and I don’t really want to get rid of it.  The problem though is that there are a lot of us in our house and even if everyone owns just a little bit you have to multiply it by 9!  So, for example, if we all own three pairs of shoes – a nice pair, a play pair, and one accessory pair – we already have 27 pairs of shoes.  Go down the list of items we consider necessary and you have quite a bit of stuff.  Now throw in all the unnecessary items and well you’ll get dizzy counting.

So this morning I decided to do something about it.  It would be very nice if I started getting rid of every one elses stuff so I started with mine.  Today I purged the closet.  I didn’t know it had carpet in there.  I found about 2,000 football cards – and I don’t even like football! – that I am going to give to a Jr. High kid who absolutely loves football.  I found about 10,000 baseball cards that I am going to donate to the Oak Hill AV Lab to sell on Craigslist and by a Macbook for their program.  I found belts, pants, shoes, hats, and more that I haven’t touched since I put them there three years ago.  These items I will set up in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday and give to the poor in our congregation.  Whatever is left I’ll take to Salvation Army.

I’m not done but already I’m feeling lighter.  Maybe that’s just because my head is spinning from all the junk I own.  My plan is to make through each room of the house and find my things – things that only I own, no shared family items yet – and get rid of stuff.  I won’t throw anything away unless it really is trash.  Some of the things I’ll give away and some of the things I will sell and give the money away.  If you don’t see any more posts here in the near future about purging send me a note and keep me accountable.

What about you?  What can you begin purging so that you can live a little lighter?


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