What's in a Name?

Well, today was another one of those historic moments that I’m sure will make it into a book I write one day.  I have been called some pretty interesting names but the one today wins.  Just a quick recap I have been called: arrogant (no surprise), stubborn (I get that from my dad), unpatriotic, part of a subversive group of Free Methodist leaders, Hitler, Jim Jones leading my people to death, and few others.  Still, today’s name is the best.

After gathered worship I was talking with a gentleman who writes a cartoon blog and he wanted to know if I had any children.  I told him I had six and a dear lady in our congregation chimed in and said,

“Yep, he has six.  It’s not because he’s Catholic.  He’s just a sexy prostitute.”

No, I didn’t use the wrong word.  That is what she actually called me, a “sexy prostitute.”  Now we both know she really meant a sexy Protestant … didn’t she?

After she said this she started to walk away thinking she was pretty funny and then turned in horror realizing what she had just said.  She was so embarrassed she began stuttering and I told her, “That’s alright, I know what you meant.”  I guess when you’ve got you’ve got it.


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