MEG Interview

Well, last night I had my MEG interview for ordination as elder.  Quickly, for those who aren’t familiar with Free Methodist polity, the way things work is as follows:

  1. any person interested in pursuing pastoral ministry meets with their pastor to explore their call
  2. the pastor and the individual enter into a learning contract, which includes ministry practicums, books to read, websites to visit, etc.
  3. after approval by the local board the individual then becomes a Local Ministerial Candidate (LMC)
  4. the LMC then fulfills certain educational requirements in order to become a Conference Ministerial Candidate (CMC), which usually includes History and Polity of the Free Methodist Church and Wesleyan Theology
  5. once the LMC is approved by the Ministerial Education and Guidance committee he or she then becomes a CMC
  6. the CMC is expected to meet the remaining educational requirements (either through college, seminary or the Apollos model), serve in full-time appointment for three years, and be found godly, competent and called by the MEG
  7. then at Annual Conference the CMC is ordained as an Elder in the Free Methodist Church

The whole process usually takes about 5 years.  Some people squeeze it into 20 and others get in just under 4 years.  If the interview went well last night (and I think it did) then I should be ordained on May 15th at our Annual Conference.  For those who are interested in what kind of questions they asked just click here.  If not, please know you’re invited to the ordination service and maybe we can talk about what ordination means over a cup of coffee.


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