Maybe St. Francis' Stories Are Real!

Okay, I’m here “on top of ours mountain” (that’s how Wesley says Palomar Mountain) with our youth group and something amazing happened.  What took place reminded me of one of St. Francis of Assisi’s stories called the Wolf of Gubbio.  In the story Francis talks with the wolf and the wolf obeys him as a sign that he wants to live at peace.  Well, tonight a huge moth flew into the meeting room and completely distracted everyone.  Of course Buzzy Enniss was on top of things and said, “If there are any moths in the room who would like to receive Jesus Christ please come forward.”

That’s right … the moth came forward!  It flew down in front of Buzzy, hung out for a few seconds and then went and rested on a light in the back and didn’t bother any one any more.  Coincidence?  I think not.


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