I love the buds the bugs the blossoms of spring.  My kids are outside as much as possible.   Its not too hot; its not too cold.  I just love spring. Living in southern California I thought we really didn’t have seasons but I’m learning to relish the shadows of seasonal changes.  Granted I had daffodils blooming in January but I can find things that are blooming at more appropriate times.  I just wanted to share some photos of what we’re up too.


Zaccai made George breakfast in bed last week, all by himself.  Cute thing is George had been up really late at an out of town meeting and Zaccai woke up at the butt-crack of dawn.  So I had planned to let Daddy sleep in but Zaccai woke him up bright and early with this special treat – George, of course, was oh so gracious.


Wesley is getting ready for a birthday – April 4th and has informed us that all he wants is a remote control spiderman robot tha he can turn on and off – what an imagination – I’ll contact Mattel at once and get them on the job!


Timmy loves boots, just boots….well, maybe boots and  hats(:  He’s been so ornrey lately sometimes I just don’t know what to do.  He grabbed a tube of toothpaste and looked at me, “Momma!”  he said and squeazed it as hard as he could sending toothpaste out like a volcanic eruption.  Just to get my goat, I tell ya! Its funny now, of course.


Dog jobs keep Zaccai busy, Diego is getting filled out nicely and we’re very happy with his gaurd dog look and teddy bear heart.


Hannah is in school full-time now with only minor attitude so I’d say its much improved over last year and her time at home was formative.  She enrolled for second semester just in time for the spring play try-outs and was the only kid in her class to get a part.  She will be Mary of Mary and Martha.  She practices almost every day and its so fun to see her get excited about something that I so enjoyed as a kid.


Kaeli is so much stinkin’ fun.  We made cookies together and she did this little french accent the whole time.  I’m getting ready for parent teacher conferences next week and wondering what they’ll say about her.  Someone asked her when her birthday was and she put one hand on her hip and one hand out to the side, “I don’t know!” Like why would I bother with details, it gets here when it gets here.  She’s in pre-K again this year because she so doesn’t care aboaut details – let alone numbers, letters, days of the week. Gee, who does she remind me of?


Well, thats about all that’s new.  We’ll report back soon.  Happy Spring!


3 thoughts on “Springing

  1. It is always a delight to see a new post. You and your crew never fail to bring a gigantic smile to my face 🙂

    Wishing you a wonderful Spring ~love, Momma

  2. Wesley, Don’t fret, Grandmama and Grandpa Mark have got you covered – your Spidey dream will come true 🙂

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