Here are some notes I took at a conference in March 2008 (and I’m just now getting to review them!).  Every year there is a consortium of Wesleyan-Holiness denominations that meet and discuss holiness.  Last year Bryan and I spoke on a panel of young leaders on the topic of holiness.  Despite the fact that we ignored and ridiculed by the emcee it wasn’t all that bad.  The emcee summarized our message like this, “So this is what I’m hearing; if I want to be holy I need to hug a tree.”  The funny thing was not one of us even got into the topic of creation ethics.

Anyway, I did leave the conference with some interesting thoughts on holiness from Dr. Kevin Mannoia and here they are.

To understand holiness we need to move away from “methods” and focus on the “message.”  Here are 10 signs of a transformed life as a result of the message of holiness.

  1. transformed character (Romans 12)
  2. responsible engagement (John 1) – this is a life patterned after the incarnation; a life spent beyond the walls of the church building and among the poor
  3. healthy relationships (Ephesians 5:21 and 1 Peter 1:22) – mutual submission, which promotes unity of mind not unity of behavior
  4. wise decisions – this is based on our free will and ability to choose this day whom we will serve
  5. holistic faith (Deuteronomy 6) – holiness permeates every facet of our lives
  6. purposeful hearts (1 John 4:7) – love becomes the motive for everything
  7. servant leadership (Philippians 2:5) – this is not a skill you acquire, but a condition you become
  8. meaningful work (Exodus 3) – value in your work is not based on the product of your work but in the calling; the call has a vocalist who is a person who is God
  9. curious thinking – this is based on the mystery of God; we are curious in the image of God, seeking for the image in others
  10. restored self – we are being restored in the image of God

There you have it.  Chew on these for awhile and see where they take you.


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