May 12 2009 003

May 12 2009 005

We had a week of art festivities in the King family.  On Friday Zaccai’s paper-mache rattle was on display at the Municipal Building downtown.  We duded up and all headed down to see recycled art and some stellar photography and painting.  I think Zaccai may have been the youngest artist  with work out on display.  Coincidentally his art was next to the oldest artist’s crafts because it was part of an exhibit by our neighbor Tom who works with the elderly folks next door at the care center.  Tom picks Zaccai up Tuesdays and Thursdays to go work with a couple dear people at the care center across the street from our house.  I can see them in the multipurpose room from our living room window and its fun to spy on my big boy working some very interesting people.

May 12 2009 028

Hannah had an art festival tonight down at the school.  She won first place in her class with a beautiful ocean scene tissue paper painting.  It is her 3rd year to win a prize in the art show and I try to tell her you don’t always have to bring home a ribbon…. but she won’t quit!

May 12 2009 029

The speech meet for Hannah’s class was also today and I got the tail end of her Aesop’s Fable of the Lion and the Mouse on video. She was pretty nervous but held her own even when she forgot where she was at.  I was proud of her for picking one of the longer selections and really challenging her memorization skills.


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