George is being ordained tomorrow and we are all so excited.  We’re heading up for the evening so we can participate in this special time.  Our friends the Nielsen’s  will drive up with us and take the kids out for hamburgers while I sup with the grown ups and then we’ll all meet at the church in Lake Elsinore for the ceremony. 

You know, I’ve had a lot of birthdays so I’ve got those figured out, but how does one celebrate an ordination?  George said this means more to him than any of his graduations so I know its a big deal but I’m not sure how to express my mutual excitement or congratulations.  Any tips?

I thought of putting a letter on a t-shirt for each kid, G E O R G E .  But I’m not sure that a “cheering section” is really appropriate for the occasion. He said to save the surf board for his mid-life crisis and buying Oreo’s just seems too casual.  It will keep me up but with help we’ll express our hoorays.


2 thoughts on “Ordination!

  1. Grandest Congratulations to all 8 of you!
    You have been an amazing team these past many years.

    Love you all, Momma
    (a very happy Granny bursting with pride)

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