I’m Ordained!

Laying on of Hands

Superintendent Steve Fitch, Bishop Matt Thomas, Pastor Denny Waymen and Pastor Gary Enniss are praying over me asking the Holy Spirit to fill me and flan into the flame the gifts that have been given to me as I proclaim the good news of Jesus, administer the sacraments and shepherd God’s people.

Family at Ordination

The whole family came out to celebrate with me.  What a joy to serve with this beautiful bunch!


Ordination was especially fun and meaningful because all three of us (Bryan and Maureen Langdoc) were ordained at the same time!  It is a wonderful thing when you find a team you can work with.




Nearly 50 of the Light & Life Family came out to celebrate with us!  What a wonderful community in which to belong.  Thank you everyone for your prayers and encouragement.


4 thoughts on “I’m Ordained!

  1. George, we are so proud of you and know God has truly blessed you and your family. The life and joy that you all share each and every day is a true testament to God’s grace, joy and love. Praise God and hooray for the rest of us that we have you, our dear brother.

    Kelly, Brian and Wilder

  2. Congratulations and God bless you, George, as you continue to walk and work for Him. You too, Crystal, as you partner together in every way. Love to you all.
    Judy, Bob, Joel and Rachel

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