too BIG!

June1 09 004

Aravis is 8 months old now, how DID that happen?!  She continues to squirm her way around the living room and enjoys wheeling about freely in her walker.  She is starting to display her very determined personality.  George is rethinking the character of God for sending us one more strong willed child – not really, but we are trusting God for extra patience and wisdom as we train her up and mold this firm little piece of clay.

Example, when she is hungry, I put her in her highchair and sit down with a bowl of baby food.  When its all gone I get up.  If she is still hungry and I get up from the table, she will shriek like her toe nails are being removed until I sit back down with her bowl.  I tried getting up, then sitting down, then getting up, then sitting down and it was amazing to hear her go off like a siren every time I stood up.  Its a good thing this isn’t my first baby – she’d have me by the nose. From the picture I guess its obvious she knows how to handle Daddy.  Now I know to just let her have her opinions and wait in line like the rest of the kids.  Think of all the character development that’s taking place already!  Oh and she is quite a character!

One thought on “too BIG!

  1. …firm little piece of clay.

    So that is what it’s called – creative word picture.

    I love you all, Grandmama

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