Nightmare Turned Reality

A little before 4:30 am (it’s now 5:14 am) I was having a nightmare that I was in a boat accident.  Lots of people had died, though some escaped to a deserted island.  Still, it looked as if even more were going to die since there was no way off the island.  At 4:30 me cell phone rang and it said “Moms Cell.”  Given her history of horribly timed calls I rolled over and ignored it.  Then the house phone rang, which of course I knew would happen.  However, something told me to listen to the message (the Holy Spirit most likely).  The message said, “This is your mom.  It’s an emergency so please call me as soon as you can.”

My brother Kody was fishing last night with a friend and his boat capsized.  His friend made it to shore but Kody never did.  The state troopers are searching but believe he is dead.  Lord have mercy.  In this strange and broken world this makes complete sense but then again how could this happen?  Please pray with my family:

  1. That Kody is not dead.
  2. That Kody is found.
  3. For God’s amazing peace during this time of unknown.
  4. For my parents who are prone to abuse alcohol and prescription narcotics.  If this doesn’t bring them to Jesus then it will surely kill them.
  5. Peace for Shawn (my younger brother) who hung with Kody every day.  He is already emotionally unstable and has suicidal tendencies.
  6. For my relationship with my father.  We haven’t spoken to each for two years.
  7. That I will be able to find a way to get to Alaska.

I’m probably just in the first stage of grief (denial), but I also believe that I see life and death different from those who grieve without hope.  I can’t judge my brother’s life and know whether or not he will hear, “well done good and faithful servant,” or “I never knew you,” but I do know, as John Wesley once said, “God’s mercy is over all God’s works.”  And with that I have peace.


One thought on “Nightmare Turned Reality

  1. Praying for you, George, like no other time ever before in your personal and professional life. Praying for your family in Alaska and Escondido. God uphold you all and give you everything you need.
    His mercy, our love.
    Bob, Judy, Rachel, Joel and Cali

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