Gone Crazy!

Okay, almost everyone knows about the 5 stages of grieving – denial (or shock), anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.  What you may not know is that no one cycles through these things in the same way or in a linear fashion.  As one grieves he or she weaves in and out of these stages, which allow the grieving person to deal with the new reality they find himself or herself in.

Another thing you may not know is that grieving makes you go crazy.  I can’t call any of my children by their right name.  If I’m trying to Zaccai’s attention I say, “Timothy, Wesley, Zaccai!”  Crazy.  This morning I pulled the clothes out of the dryer, put the clothes in the washer into the dryer, and then put the clothes from the dryer back into the washing machine!  Now I have to redo all of yesterday’s dirty laundry.  Crazy.


3 thoughts on “Gone Crazy!

  1. Well put. No idea who/what you’re greiving, but I send you much love and light.

    A couple of very close friends and I have been going through some grief wheels of our own and oh so right you are! The sporatic cycles constantly catch you off-guard.

    Keys in the freezer, the same load of laundry done a billion times, thinking Tuesday is Friday, repeating the same story over and over, sobbing over the most random things….laughing about even more.

    The world’s most outlandish rollar-coaster ride’s got nothing on the whole grief experience!

    Take Care….

  2. George,

    Yes, it is a crazy time. I remember going through some days in sort of surreal floating state. You’re there but not all there. At times it seemed like I was there watching myself going through the tasks at hand – Somewhat of a survival disconnect.

    I believe that what I experienced was the Holy Spirit carrying me, leading/guiding me through the days of grief – when everything was too much.

    It was horrible/wonderful all at the same time. It even sounds crazy – but when you are in the midst of all the horrible-ness of greiving – to also be carried through each day in Jesus’ arms, so close to His heart – wonderful is also experienced.

    You are right, everyone experiences grief differently and in different ways. I know for certain Jesus is near and ready to meet every need. So my prayers continue for each of you in this crazy time.

    Love, Momma

  3. Amen to what Momma said! And to what you said as well George, I can totally relate! Again I say Peace to all of you at this time.
    Mary K.

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