Home to Californy


We got word this morning that flights looked good to head out late tomorrow night so we should be in San Diego by lunchtime on Wednesday.  In time for a good sleep and then we’ll have a day to unpack and celebrate a bit.


My 30th birthday has been a chronological landmark for quite some time.  I suppose growing up quickly I did not live up my teens and twenties as one typically might and thirty has been hanging out there as a mark of maturity that I could not wait to claim.  A twenty-something no more; I’ll be a real grown-up! I know maturity is not marked in years and being in my thirties will not make me any more respectable.  I guess I think it will fit my lifestage better than my twenties.  Most people in their twenties aren’t headlong into raising a big family, they’re just getting started.  Making friends my age has been difficult but I am so thankful for the relationships I have developed and the women who have opened their lives to me regardless of my age.  I find it easier to be friends with gals who are not as inundated with childrearing as myself.  It makes for easier outings when we get the ratio of adults to children a bit more balanced.


Anyway….I will be older on Thursday and hope to sneak in a day trip to the beach sometime soon.


Alaska has been rainy and warmish( some days in the 70’s but lots in the 50’s).  The kids have said this is like a California winter except for the 20 hours of daylight.  The mosquitos are especially large and prolific this summer due to the warmer temperatures.  So our California kiddos have not been too keen about deep woods activities and they look like they have chicken pox after they do venture into the forest.  We had hoped to do lots more hiking but the kids tucker out faster than I thought they would.  We hope to head out to Portage Glacier tomorrow and walk through a wildlife preserve.


I asked George early on in the trip, “Isn’t Alaska beautiful?  Don’t you love the smells, the mountains, the trees!?”

“Not really.  No.   It ate my brother.”


I hadn’t thought of it that way but the reason for our visit has certainly set the tone for our trip.  I shouldn’t have expected anything different, the granduer of Alaska cannot compete with a broken heart.  The kids have termed this a “sadcation”.  We are away and it is like a vacation but we are grieving and that changes everything.


There have been many people who have helped ease the sorrow for our children.  My sister Kelly has taken the kids on many fun outings.  Our friend Gwen has made the girls feel like princesses.  My Aunt Jean has watched the little boys and given them a great change of scenery.  I am so thankful for the help with the kids.  They grieve on their own timetables and in their own way and it is so nice for them to get to enjoy this time instead of running around doing funeral details.


We are bringing home a bulldog.  Kody had recently purchased an American Bulldog puppy and George fell in love with her.  So he has been watching Cesar Milan reruns for days and working on socializing this beautiful puppy so she will fit in at home in California.  We have been wanting to adopt our basset hounds out and this has to be part of the new plan.  They have been living outdoors for too long and they deserve to live somewhere they can run around more and go indoors.  We have since learned that 3 dogs can have quite  a time getting along.  Even since we’ve been gone our housesitter has had dog fights to break up.   So we are praying for a loving home for our sweet little bassets.  And that this new dog and Diego hit it off.


4 thoughts on “Home to Californy

  1. Are you serious about adopting out your Basset Hounds? Too bad I can’t have anymore doggies at my home. But I go to a dog park quite often and I can pass the word out. Is there a price you are asking for the dogs? Do you want them to be together or does it matter? Give me details.

  2. So you are on your way back to CA.

    Life will never be the same. A new NORMAL will develop. It will take a while to adjust to it. You may never like it. It will just ‘be’ –

    I am so sorry you have this empty place in your hearts. Give yourselves permission to just let life go on. Hang on to each other and lean in close to Jesus. Many will continue to lift you in prayer, I will be one of them. Our love for you motivates us. My heart yearns to hold you, hug you and tell you eveything will be okay. But I’d be foolish to think that was in my power – that’s God’s job.

    Please know I and many others love you all so very much and our prayers continue on your behalf.

    Rest in God’s comfort and mercy ~ love, Momma

  3. Your mom says it all so beautifully, CC, and we echo her thoughts and prayers on your behalf and your precious family.
    Happy 30th Birthday today, Dear Woman. Let yourself be loved all over and know that so many people, near by and far away are thinking about you. xoxo Judy, Bob, Joel and Rachel

  4. Happy 30th Birthday Crystal. I hope you had a wonderful day with lots of special attention that you so deserve. You are an amazing woman with a beautiful soul and a terrific family. Love, Betty

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