A New Obsession

My first obsession was Monk.  I am in the middle of season 5.  Next came Psyche.  I am waiting for season 3 to come out in July!  After Psyche it was The Office.  We watched all of seasons 1-4 (I think).  Now, I’m hooked on The Dog Whisperer.

Molly the American Bulldog
Molly the American Bulldog

Kody had two dogs, Kooper the Boxer and Molly the American Bulldog.  He had Kooper for almost 2 years and everyone was in love with him.  I think he was a spaz and poorly behaved.  Nobody liked Molly for some reason.  Kody got her 2 months ago and she is about 6 months old … and already weighs 50 pounds!  She hasn’t been socialized much and as I walked her I noticed she was aggressive toward other dogs and adults.  I knew that unless I took her she would be put in the pound.  For sentimental reasons we decided to bring her home.  Actually, it was Crystal who suggested that we keep her.

I must admit that I haven’t been a very good dog owner.  I’ve had several dogs in the last few years: a Bernese Mountain Lab named Cameron, a Beagle named Sadie, both of whom I gave to new homes (one to a farm and the other to a hunter who trained the dog to be a bird dog); two Basset Hounds, Gina and Harvey, whom I haven’t cared for very well in terms of exercise and discipline; then Diego our Boxer.  I wanted to bring Molly home and start a new journey as a dog trainer.  So, I rented season one of the Dog Whisperer.

Cesar Millan is amazing!  I began putting his method into practice – calm-assertive energy, leading the dog when they have a calm-submissive mind, providing exercise, discipline and affection (in that order) – and I’m already seeing amazing results.  When I brought Molly home she was clearly female aggressive and wanted to kill Gina.  I walked the two together, using Cesar’s methods, and after 3 minutes they were fine!  Now they are submitting to one another and to me.

Molly and Diego get along great.  But because Diego is a beast (80 pounds of solid muscle!) he was a little overwhelming for the pup and they began to fight.  I broke them up and using Cesar’s methods and pointed at them and they both rolled over onto their backs and submitted to me.  I can tell that all of my dogs are happier now that they don’t have to be alpha.

I know I have a lot of work to do still but I am encouraged by the results so far.  In fact, the whole family is getting involved and learning how to love the dogs as dogs.  The structure is proving to be great for all of us.  Not to mention that I have some great new spiritual formation and leadership insights, but I’ll share those later.


One thought on “A New Obsession

  1. Molly looks like a cutie. Maybe Cesar and his crew will come to your house if you have any snaffoos 🙂

    Love you all – Momma

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