July 14 003

Rather warm here in SoCal.  Barely clad is the fashion these days and I found an old camera with all the cords so I got a few shots to send to Grandma.  xoxo with Love

July 14 010

Timmy is very attentive and I think is giving her enough space to do a few things on her own.  Tooth #2 is through and she is cruising all the furnishings.  She enjoyed eating the sand at the beach and being snuggled by all our church family that we played with there.  We hit the cool ocean breezes 3 times last week – I think that’s  a family record.

July 14 005

I got to visit with people from earthlink for over 3 hours today while we tried to get our internet back up.  The kids did really good entertaining eachother and taking care of the littler ones so I could take care of business.  It sure is nice to be able to say hello again.


One thought on “Hot-n-Tots

  1. I’m so glad you have been able to take advantage of the beach -and tide pool catastrophe free 🙂

    How frustrating about spending 3 HOURS on the phone trying to get your internet in order. That’s ridiculous. Glad you survived and the kids are so wonderful.

    Sending you lots of love, all you hot-n-tots!

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