Beautiful and Blessed


Hannah had a birthday today.  We have so much to celebrate.  She had a sleepover with a couple of girls from school last night and our day to was filled with festivities.  We hit the free movies at the theater, went shopping at Toys R Us so she could spend her gift card and then enjoyed a Costco lunch.  I love going to the toy store with my kids, they didn’t ask for anything.  Even Hannah with a gift card in hand, paced back and forth trying to find the best deal for her dollar and remembering the bag of toys she packed up to give away, was very careful about the small, unique toy she chose.  She had 6 dollars left on the card and decided to buy bouncy balls for her friend and sister.  I am so thankful for my sweet kids.  We had a great day off with George and it is just so fun to be together.  And here’s the proof!  P1010095



My mom sent these awesome wigs, mustaches and antennae….. antenni?  We ALL had a blast.



2 thoughts on “Beautiful and Blessed

  1. You all look Marvelous, Darling!
    How fun – a special day for a special young lady.
    Happy Birthday, Hannah 🙂
    Love, Grandmama and Grandpa Mark

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