Camping Kings

August 21 09 035August 21 09 023

What a wonderful time in San Clemente.  We had a great camping trip.  Two days at the beach with no major injuries is a lot to be thankful for.  The kids had a blast riding bikes and making new friends at the campground.  Zaccai and Hannah braved a bike trail with some awesome jumps.  Kaeli, Wesley and Timmy fed bunny rabbits baby carrots all through the camp.  The quotable line from the trip is Wesley coaxing a rabbit to eat a little carrot, “If you don’t eat your carrot – you – will – DIE!” 

August 21 09 051August 21 09 068

Aravis did great at the beach and tent camping. We were blessed with warm nights so I didn’t fret too much about keeping the kids under covers.  We used old school camp mats instead of inflatable mattresses so we didn’t wake up half-way through the night on the hard ground.  Our campsite was THE closest site to the bathrooms so it was convenient…. the boys however would have loved an excuse to pee in the woods.

August 21 09 054August 21 09 067

California tent camping was a new experience for us.  There were so many tents in such a small area it was almost comical. We all did our best to respect oneanothers privacy but there were countless cenversations to be heard at any moment.  We definitely did some bonding with our fellow campers.

August 21 09 073August 21 09 053

The Nielsens were so helpful and kind. They made our trip so special.  We make a great team.  Their daughter Annie and son Nick both enjoy the little kids and it was wonderful to have all the loving arms for the baby.  Mary and I are both on the Prism weightloss program so it was great to have eachother to lean on when it was time for s’mores.  We did great and are looking fabulous.  Its great to make lifestyle changes like this in community.

August 21 09 072August 21 09 065

Speaking of community we found the family of God is everywhere!  We were having morning devotions by the campfire, studying the book of James, when a lady and her dog asked if they could join us.  We were a bit taken back by the talking dog… just kidding.  We welcomed them both and it was great to have fellowship, prayer and Biblestudy together.  Its amazing how Jesus binds us together in a lonely society. 

August 21 09 025August 21 09 034

Oh, the campground had the most well-fed squirrels we had ever seen.  And after our second day at the beach we found out why.  I left a bag of almonds out, a great big, brand new bag of almonds out.  The almonds I’d been saving as a special treat to have while s’mores made their gooey way around the campfire. Well when we got home from our 5 hours at the beach we found they’d eaten ALL the nuts, a pound of whole wheat spaghetti, they licked out the peanut butter jar and nibbled any paper with any food particles on them at all.  We found nearly 50 bees in a mug of lemonade when we got back as well.  The beautiful shining coats of the squirrels were no accident, they were a direct result of  amazing foraging abilities….. and my delicious almonds.

August 21 09 043August 21 09 050

All in all we had a wonderful time and cannot wait to go again. Another camping trip is in the works so we carefully organized and put away gear with the next trip in mind.  If Timmy had all the words he’d say, “Please sir, may I have some more?”

August 21 09 077August 21 09 080


2 thoughts on “Camping Kings

  1. Oh, thank you for sharing your always comical stories and adventures! Darn squirrels. And Wesley -TOO funny!! I love and miss you guys. Hooray that camping was a fun experience and everyone came out without major injuries!


  2. Wish we could camp together! We just had a fun boys only camping experience too while the girls were at camp. We didn’t have the beach though. I’m a little jealous!

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