A day in the life…

Today is George’s last day of vacation.  We may ask for a do-over.  He woke up early after a late home group night to go clean the Oak Hill campus.  He was just going to unlock but only two other folks showed up to clean and one of them had severe physical limitiations so… he spent several hours at the school cleaning. 

August 22 09 010

He came home, ate breakfast and proceeded to put in a new faucet for the kitchen.  It’s beautiful and I am so thankful for a husband who can handle a little plumbing.  After lunch he has an appointment to drop off some lovely green toilets that he took out of the bathrooms at Christmas time.  That was my big gift, to have toilets that flushed and oh, they are the gift that keeps on giving!  He is unclogging drains in the rest of the house as well so we can wash hands without having backed up sinks. The parsonage was built in the 50’s and is in need of a little TLC.

August 22 09 002

Yesterday he made me a compost bin out of an old crib that was broken.  I am really going to enjoy having a little more structure to our composting.  We are planning a little vermiculture as well but we have to order the worms.

August 22 09 004

The kids have been busy playing and waiting to play with daddy.  Yesterday we worked outside all day and the kids felt a bit neglected although their participation in the yard clean-up was necessary.  Its just not the sort of thing they thought vacation meant.  I do really enjoy working on projects side by side with George.  Some of my best memories of my dad were related to projects around the house  and in the yard.  I hope my kids are making memories too.

August 22 09 009

Today was supposed to be Stay in Our Jammies and Play Games with Daddy Day…. so far Aravis is the only one holding up her end of the deal.  Fall is fast approaching and George will carry many administrative duties that are new to him as well as doing all the other things he has done in the past.  Needless to say I am a bit nervous about how much work it will be and how much time he will be required to be on campus during the week and both weekend days.  Please pray we can work out a doable schedule and can keep our chins up during this time of creative job roles.


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