I’m on Fire!


No, literally.  I was on fire this morning after a short electrical mishap.  We have a fire inspection on Friday and I was told Tuesday night at 7:30 that we had 9 fire exit signs out.  So I set about to repair them.  The main one needed to be rewired.  When I pulled it down and opened the face plate some wires fell out … all the way to the ground!  Then the 120v wire came out and touched the metal plate and, in the words of David Crowder, “Sparks fly and I find myself in the glow till it fades away.”  Literally my shirt caught the flames and I had to pat them out.

I then proceeded to turn the breaker off (which I should have done in the first place, but who could have known the wires would attack me!?).  A flip of the switch and all the power was off; or it was supposed to be.  As I put the last wire in place the sign comes on, a sure sign that the wires were live the whole time!

All in all, the sign is in and we should be able to pass our inspection.


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